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septiembre 18, 2014

The rain is heavy and continuous, hitting hard on the roof of the  old  river bridge where I’m sheltering.

The day is ending out and a timid darkness mixed with the cloudy wet environment coming from the rain and the river covers up the whole town and its neighborhoods.

I’m looking down to the whispering flow of the river stream, fifteen meters below, as it slowly changes to a stronger noise. The sound of the rain drops hitting the tree leaves and branches in the forest around the river edges joins all the other water noises. The symphony is orchestrated  in a concert that started with life on earth, millions of years ago.

Many  residents of the town live at the other side of the river and some usually make the painteresque walk to the nearby small town to work. Still, the big majority mainly go to the town to get daily needed small articles that didn’t buy in the nearby bigger city , thirty miles apart. The city hall had built the roof to the bridge just prior  to the  last elections.

-Is this really a repeating concert since the origins of live on earth? To me, this is  the first time in my life  that I really hear and see such alleged repeated concert.

I ended up in the river bridge shelter when walking back home from the small town train station after a job interview in the big city. It was a great opportunity for me. I was going to be liberated from a boring , low paid job in the small town and earn an almost double to current amount in a job in the big city. Obviously, the job was interesting just because it was in the city, I could make enough money to pay my debts, and even have money for my leisure.

But I did not have what was needed for the job. It is so simple for them to always say the same thing!

I got breathless  to the bridge shelter after running under the heavy rain. There wasn’t any holly soul in the heaven that had not been mentioned in anger by me! What a luck! How miserable I am! I don’t even deserve to be freed from this anguish that like the rain floods me!.

Here I am looking down in an almost hypnotic manner to the shouting whisper flow of the river and the surrounding noises. My thoughts are swiftly disappearing; a sweet and  peaceful energy invades my whole being.

All of a sudden, in an event out of time and space limitations, a magical connection occurs that lifts and  merges me with the river , the night , and the rain with its noises in the most self satisfying  inner trip I ever could think of. Without noticing, I had connected with the Nature’s mantra inside me and it pushes my inner best dream of happiness to come true.


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